NAACP To Host #BanTheBox Twitter Town Hall, Nov. 6 1pm EST

It's time to #BanTheBox. Join us as we advocate for this policy and inform the public.

NAACP & Coalition Take On #GOPDebate—#RestoreTheVRA

NAACP is ensuring that voting rights are discussed during the presidential debates.

A Moral Critique Is Needed [Video]

Note: These were the fully scheduled remarks that were shortened due to time restraints. We gather here today as one human family to raise our moral voices and to welcome Pope Francis and his message that true faith is not a disengagement from the challenges of the world but an embrace of those very challenges.

NAACP President/CEO To Hold VRA Twitter Storm During GOP Debate, Oct. 28

NAACP President/CEO Cornell William Brooks is set to lead a Twitter storm on voting rights.

NAACP’s Hilary O. Shelton testifies before Congressional Committee for Sentencing Reform

Hilary O. Shelton testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Sentencing Reform

NAACP National Board of Directors to Honor Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond in Washington

Honoring a legend, an icon and a friend.

Food Day 2015: Toward a Greener Diet

Join the nationwide celebration of all things food on October 24th! Every year, thousands of Food Day events all around the country bring Americans together to raise awareness about food issues, strengthen and unify the food movement, and push for improved food policies.

Coal Blooded: Systemic Corruption Steals Mine Workers’ Rights and Lives

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”. This adage came to mind this morning when the first message in my inbox was a message from a newly found colleague, Maureen McCue of Physicians for Social Responsibility. She shared the 2nd installment in the Center for Public Integrity’s (CPI) series “Breathless and Burned: Dying of Black Lung and Buried by Law and Medicine” with me. I was sick to my stomach and ashamed of my alma mater, the Johns Hopkins institution.

September National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

To support the health and well-being of African American children and their families, we must work to create the circumstances in which they have opportunities to be healthy and make healthy choices.

Addressing HIV as a Social Justice Issue: HIV Strategy Session in Chicago

The Black Church and HIV initiative will be engaging local faith leaders and organizations today in a conversation about the role of the faith community in changing the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black America.

Memorial Service for America’s Journey for Justice marcher Middle Passage, Oct. 29

A memorial service for Middle Passage is set for Oct. 29 in Colorado.

“A Conversation about Race Relations in America”, Sept. 28 in Washington

Washington Hebrew Congregation hosts “A Conversation about Race Relations in America" with NAACP President/CEO Brooks

Allies Celebrate Conclusion of America’s Journey for Justice

We concluded our 1000-mile journey from Selma, AL to Washington, DC with the message "Our Lives, Our Votes, Our Jobs, and Our Schools Matter."

Get HYPE with Howard University!

Join NAACP Howard College Chapter this Thursday, September 17th, for a "Block Party" celebration to promote health and well being and raise awareness on the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Middle Passage on America’s Journey for Justice - In Memory

Middle Passage passed away while marching on America's Journey for Justice. We remember him.

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