Clean Air: A Civil and Human Right

Clean air is a civil and human right.

NAACP Hollywood Bureau—Diversity and the American Dream

Vic Bulluck spoke at the FOX Seizing Opportunity Forum: “New Consumerism in a Global Marketplace”

NAACP Connect Host Gateway to Leadership Internship Program Webinar Today!

Today, Tuesday, November 27 learn and ask questions about how you can land a paid summer internship through the Gateway to Leaderhip Program. Administrators and former interns will discuss this exciting opportunity designed to expose African American college students to careers in the financial services industry.

“Coal Blooded” Creates A New Dialogue

Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People studies 378 coal-fired plants and how these plants affect low-income communities and communities of color.

NAACP Battleground Poll Results

Read the results of the African-American voter data from the 2012 General Election.

The $25 Billion Attorneys General Settlement-How Much Will Reach Your Community?

Charles Lowery, NAACP Director of Fair Lending, breaks down the $25 Billion in relief that could be provided to distressed borrowers and how much will reach your community.

Texas Call Center is a Success

The NAACP Texas Call Center launched October 18--with a charge to call voters in Texas, Mississippi, California.

October 2012 Edition of the Angle: Our Twist on Economic Justice Issues

The October edition of The Angle: Our Twist on Economic Justice Issues has been released. The Angle is a monthly publication that provides an overview of the National Economic Department’s work around key Economic Justice issues. It is distributed the 15th of every month to all 1,200 units. It is unique in that it captures the Economic Department’s most up-to-date information in a fun and colorful way!

From the New Director of the Youth & College Division, Sammie Dow

The NAACP Youth & College Division has new leadership.

Video: Courage WIll Not Skip This Generation

With only a few days left to register to vote in most states, members of the NAACP National Youth Work Committee want all young adults to register to vote for the November 2012 election.

Know Your Worth: If We Don’t Know, We Can’t Grow Our Community

Over the weekend, The Nielsen Company released “The State of the African American Consumer”, a groundbreaking report projecting African Americans buying power at 1.1 Trillion dollars annually by 2015. To illustrate how massive this figure is, if African Americans purchasing power equated to a country’s GDP, we would be the 16th largest country in the world! This blog explores how as a collective, African Americans can leverage our economic power by way of supporting black owned businesses to foster community economic development.

Voter Suppression Townhall at the CBC Annual Legislative Conference

The Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference hosted a Townhall meeting on voter suppression this week.

Meet the Digital Media Field Manager: Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson, our new Digital Media Field Manager, will connect the field to digital media tools to use in civic engagement efforts.

The Fight against Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania

During the Jim Crow Era, states erected all kinds of ridiculous and shameful barriers to prevent African Americans from voting. They required African Americans to pass complicated literacy tests. They forced black people to pay outrageous poll taxes. In some states, in order to vote, black people had to know how many bubbles were on a bar of soap or how many jelly beans were in a jar.

Chasing the Dream:Economic Challenges Black Immigrants Face in the 21st Century

In the second part of our three part series, "Chasing the Dream",Yehwroe Sinyan and Isabel Lorenzo discuss the often untold story of the the various economic challenges many black immigrants face upon arriving to the United States.

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