Embracing Diversity in the Arts

Whether via the news, on television shows, or in the movies, media often frames American societal views on culture, politics, and a host of other values. Now in its 43rd year, the NAACP Image Awards celebrates performers of color in the arts and entertainment.

The Legacy: Then and Now

For more than 100 years, the NAACP has advocated for the equal treatment and rights of all Americans. In the spirit of those who came before, today’s NAACP takes on a multitude of issues affecting communities of color.

December 15, 2011 Edition of The Angle: Our Twist on Economic Justice Issues

The Angle is a monthly publication that provides an overview of the National Economic Department’s work around key Economic Justice issues. It is unique in that it captures the Economic Department’s most up-to-date information in a fun and colorful way! Go to the resources section of the NAACP Economics Programs Department's webpage ( to view the December 15th Edition!

We’re Turning the Tide

In collaboration with Brave New Foundation, the NAACP has put together a new video about the impact of the voting right attacks on communities of color.

What Would Jesus Say to This

Two years ago, I got a call from a ministry colleague in North Carolina: “Man my mom has HIV. The doctors say she’s had it for 15 years unbeknownst to her.”

Never Forget

On this 23rd annual World AIDS Day, the real question is have you forgotten about HIV?

NAACP’s Economics Department Participates in We Are One Conference in Phoenix, Arizona

On December 1 - 4, 2011, the NAACP’s Economics Department participated in the We Are One Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Over 500 community and labor organizers convened to learn how to create and advocate for a progressive agenda that unifies African American and Latino communities and strengthens all Americans.

Financial Tips: Wealth, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As we enter the holiday season so much pressure can develop to spend what you don’t have and go greater into debt all in the name of “giving”. This holiday season let us all give each other support to be financially responsible and engage in wealth building rather than wealth destruction.

A Social Media (R)evolution

With the onset of social media, effective digital advocacy is critical to the NAACP's success. Thanks to our social media supporters, the Troy Davis case was the second-most talked about topic on Twitter during 2011.

Marvin Randolph

How the NAACP Family is “Getting to Zero”

Yesterday on World AIDS Day, we asked our mobile subscribers how they were helping us "get to zero" - zero new cases of HIV/AIDS. Here are some of the responses.

An “African” American’s perspective on World AIDS Day

He’s dead! “Uncle Martin is dead” was all I was told, a mere 14 year old Nigerian American girl, in the car with my mother, shocking waves pierced my heart over and over trying to understand how my 43 year old uncle could be dead. “She is dead” was the same verdict I received one year later from my mother that my aunt had passed away, leaving behind 7 children. My mind was confused as I tried to understand the depths of this conversation that my mother was trying to have, but AIDS was all she said. A.I.D.S. -- a four letter word that had the power to wipe out an entire continent.

USA Today Column: Time to Redouble AIDS Fight in Black Community

On this World AIDS Day, as the world focuses its attention on the epidemic around the globe, we cannot forget there is an HIV crisis raging right here in our own backyards.

Stop Making Matters Worse:  How Criminalization Perpetuates HIV Transmission

Over the last 40 years, largely as a result of the war on drugs, our nation has increased its prison population nearly 400% and a disproportionate number of those incarcerated are black men. Today, approximately 2.3 million children have an incarcerated parent and 500,000 black fathers are incarcerated. Over-incarceration in the United States plays a significant role in eroding the black family structure and communities are paying the price. What has not been highlighted as much however is that over-incarceration perpetuates HIV transmission in poor communities of color- a lesson I learned many years ago.

The Revolution Will Begin When You A.C.T.

A.C.T. is an acronym for Advocacy, Community Mobilization & Education, and Training. It is a call to action, from NAACP’s health department, for members to galvanize around health issues and act to change the outcome.

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