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The President’s Jobs Speech

We are proud that the NAACP has been involved in the discussions and work that laid the groundwork for the historic initiatives announced tonight.

Let us Remember Dr. King’s Struggle for Economic Justice

As the country celebrates the unveiling of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and reflects on the historic March on Washington, this is an opportune time to highlight economic justice, a key element of Dr. King’s vision for America. In 1960, 1/5th of the country, approximately 39 million Americans, lived at or below the poverty line. Racial inequality was accepted as the norm and disenfranchised communities had little hope of socio-economic advancement.

London’s Calling But Are We Listening?

Last year, I went to London with our President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous to attend a conference on Global Youth Employment. Eight months later I, along with the rest of the world, am seeing images of economically disenfranchised youth throughout England rioting and rebelling.

Dedrick Muhammad Discusses the Financial Freedom Center with ReelUrbanNews.Com

As the nation struggles to recover financially, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) launched the Financial Freedom Center and a bold campaign to assist communities and persons dealing with today’s financial challenges. Last week, Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director of Economic Programs, discussed the launch of the Financial Freedom Center and the Financial Freedom Campaign’s goals in the coming months.

NAACP Economic Department Awards 21 NAACP Units with Micro-grants

The NAACP Economic Department announced 21 NAACP branches nationwide that will receive a $4,000 micro-grant to participate in the Financial Freedom Center’s inaugural financial education series at the 102nd Annual Convention.

Bank of America Endorses NAACP Responsible Mortgage Lending Principles

The NAACP and Bank of America have announced that they will enhance their partnership through the promotion of greater economic opportunity and advancement of community economic development throughout the nation. Bank of America has committed significant resources to support the work of the NAACP, providing financial education to disenfranchised communities that were ravaged by the economic crisis as well as identifying economic opportunities for the future.

CBC Hosts the Black Leadership Summit on the Jobs Crisis

Last week, I attended the Congressional Black Caucus’ National Black Leadership Summit on the Job Crisis. Black Congressional leaders along with notable civil rights leaders and organizations convened to discuss the economic plight facing the African American community.

An #EconChat with NAACP’s Dedrick Muhammad

Last month, we polled on Facebook and Twitter to see which NAACP program you'd like to see featured in our next Twitterview. In a close race, the Economic Programs Department emerged as the favorite. We sat down yesterday with NAACP Senior Director for Economic Programs Dedrick Muhammad to discuss the NAACP's new Financial Freedom Center, the impetus for the revamped Economic Programs department, and the NAACP's ongoing effort to ensure economic equity.

Public Service Leadership Summit

The National Urban Fellows (NUF), held a Public Service Leadership Diversity Summit in Atlanta to inspire excellence and diversity in public service leadership with a dual emphasis on individuals and systems. Over 125 organizations (government, nonprofit) have partnered with the NUF to advance this movement. Some of the panelist included: Ambassador Andrew Young, Senator Jason Carter, Xernona Clayton, President & CEO Trumpet Awards Foundation, Jeff Johnson, MSNBC, Rosa Alicia Clemente, Community Organizer & Hip Hop Activist, John Esterle, Executive Director and board trustee of the Whitman Institute and Veronica Villalobos, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The Economic Status of Black Women in America

African American women continue to face significant barriers due to gender discrimination in the labor market leading to major income disparities and chronically high unemployment, coupled with few limited opportunities for asset building and wealth generation.

NAACP Units: Grants Available for Financial Freedom Campaign Satellite Program

Approved units will receive a micro-grant to facilitate the organization of our education series

Civil Rights Community Gathers at the LCCHR Dinner

This year, the honorees included Richard Trumka, Shirley Sherrod, and Joe Solmonese.

Homeownership Should Not Become Impossible Dream

Homeownership has long enjoyed broad bipartisan support, but different families and communities have experienced homeownership differently. The lingering subprime and foreclosure crisis has brought this truth into stark relief: otherwise-qualified borrowers were steered into subprime loans.

At The Color of Wealth Policy Summit

The 2011 Color of Wealth Policy Summit focused on the recession generation, the racial wealth gap restoring American prosperity.

Oil Spill Claims Help in the Gulf

The NAACP will hold a series of Gulf Financial Counseling Fairs this week in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida to assist people with claims related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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