A Climate Justice Message on Earth Day

photo credit: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

NAACP Director of the Environmental and Climate Justice, Jacqueline Patterson, was the main speaker at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Monday,  to kick off their week-long of events to celebrate Earth Day. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville took part in the celebration with a full day of events to recognize the forward progress of the University with regards to green initiatives on campus. 

Jacqui Patterson spoke from the larger perspective of environmental justice and how it was affecting communities of color: 

We are doing this work for Latino and African American children from the Bronx to Biloxi who are already in food deserts and will only suffer from less access to affordable nutritious foods as climate change drives shifts in agricultural yields.

Read in detail about the week-long Earth Day celebrations here

Patterson ended her speech with an African proverb that stated that this has to be a team effort: 

When spiders unite, we can tie up a lion! If we come together, we can advance living in harmony with Mother Earth as well as each other.