A Global Action on Sudan

davidgoatleyBy Rev. David Emmanuel Goatley, Ph.D., Chairman of the NAACP International Affairs Committee

At the NAACP, our work in the global arena sometimes elicits the following kind of question. "With all the ills in the United States, why should we be involved in the problems in those countries?" There are at least three principle reasons you should engage globally.

First, if you intend to be relevant, you have to be global. We are interconnected in economics, politics, entertainment, and the like. Every time you purchase something, you are participating in the global economy. You have a vested interest in what is happening in the world for your personal well-being.

Second, if you don't make the world a better place "over there," you will soon suffer the consequences "right here." The ease of global communication and transportation makes the creep of problems around the world inevitable. Remember the Asian Flu and HIV?

Third, making this world a better place for all is the work of mature and responsible people. We are interdependent and interconnected. How can you know that a child is starving or a woman is raped or a family's home is burned and not be moved add your voice to the call for peace and justice? Sudan is a country where unimaginable human atrocities are continuing. Despite modest steps of progress, there are still gross displays of inhumane treatment of individuals, families, and communities.

The NAACP is joining the Save Darfur Coalition to call for people who believe in peace, justice, and security to join in a global day of action on Sudan on January 9, 2010.