America’s Family Doctors

As we continue to battle for victories and struggle for justice and equality in America, the NAACP has committed to eliminating race or ethnicity-based health disparities as one of our national priorities – and who better to discuss the climate of health in the Black community then the African American United States Surgeon Generals. This year, at 102nd National Convention’s Health Symposium, we will be Sounding the Alarm on the State of Black Health in America with Dr. Jocelyn Elders (15th US Surgeon General), Dr. David Satcher (16th US Surgeon General) and Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamin (18th Surgeon General of the United States) on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the J. W. Marriott in Los Angeles, California.

The stage will be set as a fireside chat, and will feature the Surgeon Generals in an in-depth discussion on the state of black health in 2011. The chat will include Healthy People 2010, equal access to quality health care, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the President’s HIV/AIDS strategy, and diseases that plague the black community (HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity).

The overarching theme of the 2011 Health Symposium is ACCESS and EQUALITY – equal access to proper health care, prevention programs, health education, health insurance, and delivery of health services. The Surgeon Generals will provide their expert opinions to address our nation’s health agenda and the truth about the future of health outcomes for Black Americans.

The road for equality in health is not a notion that was developed in the last decade or two. We have been fighting for equality in health for many years, as Dr. Martin Luther King once called health disparities in America "the most shocking and inhumane" form of injustice. And while we are on the brink of eliminating some of these injustices with the passing of the ACA, we still have a bumpy road ahead.

This year’s Health Symposium will be historic, as we have the three African American Surgeon Generals sitting in one room discussing the state of black health to NAACP Health advocates from across the country. Please join us as we remain at the forefront of issues paramount to our communities.