Climate Justice = People’s Rights

The NAACP has been working on policy and practice to advance clean energy from renewable sources, higher standards of livability for communities and to fight against pollution that damages health, well-being and livelihoods. NAACP’s Environmental and Climate Justice Program stands for people’s rights and calls for shutting down or cleaning up polluting facilities that threaten communities. We stand in favor of energy efficiency and rallying our communities behind a clean energy economy that will strengthen our investment in jobs and our children’s future. Communities of color have been leading on taking bold action to build stronger communities that have equitable development and sustainable practices.

Most importantly, the NAACP has worked to support grassroots engagement on environmental and climate justice. We send shout-outs to the Virginia State Conference for taking the lead on fighting carbon pollution through anchoring the NAACP’s first Twitter Town Hall event! Kudos to the Michigan State Conference for taking a strident stance on coal and advancing clean energy standards and also to the Mississippi State Conference for passing a resolution on coal. We shout-out the Florida State Conference for their leadership on emergency management as we prepare our communities to deal with the impact of climate change. The Oklahoma State Conference is asking all the right questions about the Keystone XL Pipeline and holding the developers’ feet to the fire. Many more states and local branches, too many to name, have taken up the staff of justice and we applaud them all!

We are on the right track and hope you will join us on this important journey to true environmental and climate justice.