Digital Evangelist: Facebook 101

Last July when I was charged with training NAACP members in digital media, I thought—here is a great opportunity for me to share my love for digital media with the NAACP family.  With that challenge in mind, I aim to teach folks about mobile, social media and everything in between.  My weekly blog will update you on my trainings; and give you info about how to sign up and equip yourself with the tools you need to disseminate your message well for your NAACP branch or chapter.

During this week’s webinar, I will discuss how to create a Facebook Fan Page for your branch. I will review the basics of Facebook—and explain why a Fan Page is better than a personal page for your unit.  And I’ll delve into best practices for operating Facebook fan pages.

Want to know more? Join me for the webinar this Thursday at 9:15pm Eastern Time.

During last week’s webinar, I covered the basics of Twitter, a microblogging site that allows you to write short 140-character messages. Twitter is a great medium to join conversations about issues important to your branch. And Twitter users are 25% African American. Additionally, I discussed Twitter nomenclature like re-tweets and mentions as well as best practices for engaging your audiences. 

If you are thinking of starting a branchTwitter account or if your branch already has a Twitter account and wants to optimize your Twitter presence, contact me at and I’ll be happy to assist you.

And please make sure to join me on our future webinars! Topics and dates are below:

Facebook 101 - May 9th
Email for Organizing - May 16th
Mailchimp 101 - May 23
Mobile Messaging for Organizing - May 30 

After you finish the webinar, please take a moment to fill out the Weekly Webinar Survey. Is there a topic you are interested in that is not being covered? Let me know! Our primary goal is to equip you with all the digital tools you need for your local NAACP branch. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Lauren Wilson aka “NAACP Digital Evangelist” spreads the gospel of digital media throughout the NAACP.  Every week, she explores a different digital media topic teaching units how to use digital media tools to better organize and amplify their branches or chapters work. The weekly webinar occurs every Thursday evening at 9:15pm Eastern Standard Time.