Diverse Coalition Supports Bridging The Gap Conference

Shamar Bibbins, Director of National Partnerships at Green For All, discusses why it's important for people of color to get connected to the Green Economy:

African Americans, Native Americans and other communities of color have significantly higher rates of asthma, respiratory problems and other chronic diseases, not because of their lifestyles or because of genetics, as some would have you believe, but because of their zip codes. Sixty-eight percent of African Americans live within 30 miles of a coal plant, and millions of African Americans live in “food deserts,” with little or no access to healthy food. Our communities are hit first and worst by the affects of climate change and are the last to recover.

The environment is our issue and should be at or near the top of our political agenda. Our folks are on the front line – disproportionally affected by environmental threats. We should not only be a part of the national conversation around effective solutions that benefit our families and communities, but should also be a part of the economic opportunities that arise as green industries and technologies develop and grow. This is the green economy.

You can read the rest of Shamar's post here. Be sure to register for Bridging the Gap: Connecting Black Communities to the Green Economy, which will take place on Monday, April 15 in Washington, DC.