Election Day

Its 6:59am and I'm sitting in the Laurel, Maryland Community Center waiting to vote. Wow! I didn't know I had so many Black neighbors (I don't get out much). There is easily almost 500 people here already. They just opened the polling booths and you would've thought that the Ravens just scored a touchdown...the crowd went bananas! I'm a bit overwhelmed right now - trying not to cry in front of these strangers I now share a kinship with because we are participating in a historic event together. I've been on the road nonstop it seems working to see this day. Not just with regards to voting but everything I do with the NAACP. Since I was 14 years old I've wanted to be a civil rights worker. I'm still not exactly sure why - strangely enough, maybe it was that picture I saw of two young boys that were lynched for trying to register Black people to vote. And yet here I am today, in 2008 - standing in a gym in a middle class neighborhood, with a bunch of Black people about to exercise their right to vote. Today, a Black man in America could really become the President of these United States of America. A Black man who became his party's nominee on the same day in 1955 when the body of his fellow Chicagoan, Emmitt Till's mutilated body was found in Mississippi. A Black man who less than 200 years ago wasn't even considered a man by this country's government. Please understand that this isn't partisan talk - this is Providence. The manifestation of God's benevelance. Tthe personification of ancestors' prayers. In memory and in honor of those two young men and countless others, I am humbled and grateful to God for allowing me to experience this moment in time. Stefanie Brown National Director NAACP Youth & College Division