Ending the Death Penalty in Delaware

The Delaware State Conference of the NAACP has worked tirelessly to repeal the death penalty in the state. The work of the State Conference in partnership with a coalition of advocacy organizations and activists contributed to the passage of repeal legislation in the Delaware state Senate last week. NAACP Criminal Justice Director Dr. Niaz Kasravi applauded the work of the Delaware State Conference:

“Delaware took a giant step towards justice by voting to repeal the death penalty. We applaud President Richard Smith and the Delaware State Conference for their work to end an ineffective, broken, and immoral policy that drains financial resources from our justice system—resources that could be used to catch criminals that are still on the streets.”

The repeal bill passed in the Delaware State Senate by a vote of 11-10, and will now move to the state House, where a hearing on the bill will take place on April 15th. This crucial vote brings the state closer to becoming the 19th state to abolish the death penalty.