Five Questions With Roslyn M. Brock

roslynbrockOn Saturday, February 20th, Roslyn Brock became the youngest person to ever serve as Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors. We sat down with Ms. Brock to ask her about this historic achievement and her vision for the Association.

Why is the NAACP important to you?

The NAACP's purpose and role in shaping the discussion around civil rights is very important to me. The NAACP started as interracial organization that believed in casting a broader net. We not only believe in equal opportunity, justice and dignity for all American, we fight for it every day, in communities nationwide. No other organization does what the NAACP does to safeguard the tenets of freedom and justice in our country. And that's what makes the NAACP so critical to the preservation of civil rights in this country.