Harbor Homes — Living in a Cloud of Coal Ash

Yesterday the EPA hosted the first of a series of Coal Ash Hearings in Arlington, VA with the aim of getting feedback on the proposed “Coal Combustion Rule.” As a bit of background, the toxins in coal ash such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, selenium and others, have been linked to cancer, organ disease, respiratory illness, neurological damage, and reproductive and developmental problems. Coal ash facilities are disproportionately located in close proximity to poor communities and communities of color.

Lillie Lindsay, a longtime friend with whom I served in Jamaica in Peace Corps, whose parents are lifetime members of the NAACP, responded to my plea to board a bus at 7am and journey to Arlington to give testimony on exposure to coal ash in communities near where she lives in Virginia Beach.

Lillie’s testimony (which was subsequently truncated due to time restrictions) is below: