Holiday Messages to the Scott Sisters

By Robert Rooks, Director of NAACP Criminal Justice Programs

Last Friday, I sent a message to NAACP members and supporters to tell them about Gladys and Jaime Scott, two sisters who have been have been incarcerated in Mississippi for the last 16 years. For those unfamiliar with their story, the Scott Sisters were originally convicted of being accomplices to a 1993 robbery which yielded just $11. While teenagers who carried out the robbery served only two years in prison, the Scott Sisters were each sentenced to an extraordinary double life sentence.

The NAACP will continue to work to free the sisters, but in my message I asked that you help lift their spirits this holiday season by sending them a letter of support. The results have been phenomenal. We have received more than three thousand letters from across the United States and around the world in the past few days. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you now: