Bring Lessons from Convention Home With You

By Rebecca Guerra, NAACP Program Specialist

Inspired by Convention? Of course you are! You will return to your community with a renewed sense of commitment to fighting for civil rights and equality. But you might need a road map for advocating on the issues that affect your community.

Don’t stress! The Programs department of the NAACP has your covered. Head over to NAACP in Action pavilion in the Membership Action Resource Center (MARC). You will find a booth for each of the four program areas: Climate Justice, Criminal Justice, Education, and Health, alongside ACT-SO and the Field department.

Each program has created a toolkit that reviews the major issue areas of their field, including data and facts. Worried about having enough room to pack this massive resource? Well, the Programs team has made it simple for you. Each toolkit comes on a handy flash drive about the size of a pocket knife. Also included on the flash drive is a handbook which walks you through putting the facts into action. Use the toolkits as your information source and use the hand book as your game plan source.

Not with us here in Kansas City? You can download your toolkits right here:

Criminal Justice Toolkit

Climate Justice Toolkit

Economic Opportunity Toolkit

Education Toolkit

Health Toolkit

2010 Toolkit Handbook