Join the “Carbon Countdown” Twitter Townhall

In the last hours before the EPA stops taking public comments regarding Carbon Pollution Standards, the NAACP is seeking to encourage more people -- particularly youth of color -- to tell the EPA to enforce the Carbon Pollution Standards.

A variety of youth leaders of color who are active in the larger Environmental and Climate Justice Movement will discuss the significance of air pollution and communities of color. Two of the speakers will just be returning from the Rio+20 Earth Summit and ready to share some of their experiences as well.

Instructions for Participants

1) This entire townhall will take place on Twitter. You will need to have a Twitter account to read and reply to posts.  Go to to create an account.

2) We will be using the @NAACP account

3) Use the hashtag: #NoCO2 to find and follow the conversation. Please use the #NoCO2 hashtag in all of your tweets.

4) There will be a NAACP moderator who will “manage” the  questions so that everyone can see questions and responses. 

5) When you reply to someone do not reply directly to that person. Instead, use “@reply” or just type your reply with the #NoCO2 and then everyone can see your post.

6) If you already have questions you want to submit before the townhall starts, please either send them through Twitter with #NoCO2 in post or e-mail them to

7) Even if you cannot join us in the Twitter Townhall, be sure to post your comment to the EPA no later than June 25, 11:59pm via