Medgar Evers College Students Visit NAACP

On June 12, 2013 -- the 50th anniversary of civil rights icon Medgar Evers’ death -- over 40 students, graduates, and faculty from Medgar Evers College visited the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington, DC -- home of the NAACP Financial Freedom Center.

While at the center, participants learned about economic equity and organizing from Dr. Mjiba Frehiwot, NAACP Director of Financial Education, and Jessica Pierce, NAACP National Training Director.

Dr. Frehiwot opened the conversation by discussing wealth inequality and asset building in African American communities. “Its always a privilege to talk to students about building economic equity through wealth building, financial education, and leveraging economic resources,” states Dr. Frehiwot. “They are always excited to learn valuable information, insights, and recommendations to address immanent financial challenges in the community.”

Jessica Pierce rounded out the conversation by discussing leadership and organizational skills to thrive in both the workplace and school environment. “Leadership skills are essential to communicating your point, working as a team, and organizing around a shared goal,” states Piece.

Pierce also discussed the democratic knowledge method where students become the teacher. “Empowering students to distribute the knowledge they learned in a bottom-up format increases the circulation of information to others tremendously,” she says.

After the presentation, students and faculty toured the Financial Freedom Center and viewed iconic pictures capturing historical moments at the NAACP before they continued their tour of the nation’s capital. 

We enjoyed welcoming them to our center and wish them much success in their future academic and professional endeavors.