Meet the Digital Media Field Manager: Lauren Wilson

My name is Lauren Wilson and I am the new Digital Media Field Manager at the NAACP.  In this role I will be wearing both the NAACP civic engagement and digital media (formerly new media) hats, traversing both departments in my new role. I moved 3,000 miles from Los Angeles to join the Association and work to mobilize members on the ground using digital media—my primary mean of organizing will be ramping up our mobile program.  I kicked it off last week with a training for NAACP regional field organizers—I focused on mobile and how units will be able to use the mobile program to augment our civic engagement online and ramp up the This is My Vote campaign.

Mobile messaging will be a large component to our voter outreach because it is another way to reach a wide audience, many of whom may not have access to the internet or a computer. 78% of African Americans use mobile messaging on their cell phones, and send an average of 780 text messages a month. Mobile messaging is an opportunity to reach out to voters who you normally would not have reached solely through the use of digital media such as Twitter or Facebook and can make a huge difference with civic engagement efforts in battleground states.

In my new role, I will be training the local units on how to use digital media tools in their civic engagement efforts and other campaigns, particularly through the use of mobile messaging.  I will hold webinars twice a week or different topics ranging from using Twitter to reach your audience to the use of mobile messaging in organizing. I will also be doing trainings on the use of digital media in battleground states and helping local units prepare for mobilizing voters and also registering new voters. I am also the point person for mobile messaging campaigns about local issues.

I will also be managing and growing our mobile list so that we can spread information to Black voters about voter ID laws, registering to vote, and other important local and national civil rights issues. You can join our mobile list and pledge to vote today by texting PLEDGE to 62227*. I am really looking forward to beginning my trainings and helping to equip local units with the tools they need to continue the fight for social justice across the country.

*Text message and data rates may apply.