Membership Matters

2013 is a big year for the NAACP and for Civil Rights.  We’re recognizing many anniversaries this year, and so are our members.  One of the major themes for the Membership Department for 2013 has been remembrance and activism – as we remember the path that was forged for us, we continue our  activism, laying the path ahead of us. 

In this vein, the Membership Department has structured several membership campaigns geared toward increasing activism and recognition.  We are encouraging members to participate in our activism and advocacy and to recruit new members through those same channels.  By helping our members work with and speak to our programs, we are empowering them to be activist members and ultimately, empowering them to recruit more like-minded people to join the NAACP and continue the fight for equality. 

Building up to our 104th Annual Convention, the Membership Department’s work has been singular in focus, recognizing the legacy (and sacrifice) of Medgar Evers.  Through our Remember Medgar Campaign, we have been encouraging our member units to recruit on a two-fold platform.  First, encourage members to boost their Junior Life Membership rosters.  By laying the foundation for the next generation of civil rights activists, we are ensuring the continuation of the fight for true equality for all people.  Second, our member units have been tasked with recruiting 50 new members, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Medgar Evers. 

The Membership Department of the NAACP works hard to see the continued growth of our advocacy network through our members.  By linking the past with the present (and the future), we show our members and nonmembers, that the NAACP is as relevant and active today as it was in 1963 and 1909.