NAACP Calls for Smarter & Safer Methods for Young People to Deal with Law Enforcement

Recent events in Seattle and Oakland have indicated a pressing need to inform young people of smarter and safer ways to interact with law enforcement, particularly when it comes to young people of color. The NAACP Youth and College workshop on smart and safe communities highlighted an epidemic that has and continues to affect communities of color and minorities around the nation.

During the workshop, attendees were provided with a ‘how-to’ on ways to get out of violent situations with law enforcement without being arrested or adding to an already hostile setting. This concept was further emphasized during the showing of a 40-minute educational video presented by, on 10 rules for dealing with the police.

“This is not only information you should know but we want you to take back this information to your communities and educate others so they will know,” said NAACP Director of Criminal Justice Robert Rooks. “We want to make sure that our people are informed if such incidences happen, are organized, and can handle these situations as they come.”

Attendees were also reintroduced to the Association’s All Alert system, a multiplatform tool that will enable those who witness hate crimes to report them in real time on the NAACP website.