“Coal Blooded” Creates A New Dialogue

 Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People studies 378 coal-fired plants and how these plants affect low-income communities and communities of color. More often than not, coal-fired plants are placed in these communities and have a negative impact on health.

Coal Blooded is for grassroots community activists to make them aware of how people of color are affected by coal-fired plants as well as environmental activists and organization to create dialogues about the anti-coal movement and what can be done about plants that affect low-income communities and people of color at alarming rates. The report is also for philanthropists who want to invest in relationships that will support local communities who want to better their living conditions.

Coal Blooded calls for the 75 “failing plants” to be closed, which would reduce US power production by only 8 percent. If the plants are closed, it could be substituted by increased energy conservation and renewable energy production. Closing these plants would be a step in the right direction toward healthier communities and an increased use of renewable energy.  We hope that the release of this report will lead to more engagement at the grassroots level around environmental justice.

Read the entire Coal Blooded report here.