NAACP Econ Brings Financial Empowerment to Convention

The NAACP Economic Department brought financial empowerment to the 104th NAACP Annual Convention last week in Orlando, Florida.  Event topics ranged from connecting folks to economic resources and opportunities, addressing racial economic inequality and advancing diversity and inclusion.

Our events kicked off on July 12th where the NAACP Economic, Environmental and Legal Departments, in collaboration with Raise Florida Network and Florida A & M University, attracted a crowd of over 50 people to discuss how to advance environmental and economic justice through connecting black communities to the green economy.

“Environmental and economic injustice is not abstract. It’s real. And its impacts are real,” states Dorcas Gilmore, NAACP Assistant General Counsel and co-organizer of the conference.

Early Saturday morning, on July 13th, over 150 youth attended the Energy Fuels ACT-SO Youth Connection Fair. Young adults met representatives from energy giants such as Shell and Chevron and other key players in the energy sector, participated in interactive experiments and learned about diverse career paths within energy and science.

By the end of the event, everyone was partaking in the closing song chanting, “I am a scientist!”

Later that afternoon and on Sunday, July 14th, our widely popular Financial Advocacy Community Tour (F.A.C.T) connected hundreds of people with hands on financial education and economic resources offered by the financial organizations and local non-profits in attendance.

Monday, July 15, we hosted two workshops. One discussed preparing young adults for their financial futures.  The other workshop addressed challenges veterans face in transitioning back into civilian life, including reentering the job market.

Along with the veteran’s workshop, on Tuesday, July 16, we hosted a luncheon to honor black veterans and recognize military leaders for their outstanding leadership in creating pathways for diversity and inclusion.

And our week ended with a Labor Luncheon on Wednesday, July 17th. Near 1,000 attendees convened to honor, support, and award union workers and union organizers for their work in the labor movement and dedication and advocacy on collective bargaining.

It was a great time all around! “We enjoyed connecting with the community and providing resources and forums for those in attendance to engage in economic discussions and opportunities,” states Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director of NAACP Economic Department.

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