NAACP Hosted an Interagency Briefing on July 29 in New Orleans

On July 29, 2010 in New Orleans Louisiana, the NAACP and the Department of Homeland Security co- hosted an interagency briefing to discuss the BP Oil Spill Disaster and contingency planning for hurricanes and natural disasters in the BP Oil Spill affected areas. This briefing was convened in response to several meetings held with the NAACP National office and the Gulf Coast States (State Conference Presidents, Branch Presidents, and members) to ensure that resources and information would be disseminated to our members and to guarantee support for people of color who are often left out of strategic planning processes.

This event gives the NAACP leverage with some of the main agencies charged with providing services and resources to states affected by the BP Oil Spill Disaster. The agencies included: Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, US Coast Guard, BP, Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, NOAA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Wildlife and Fisheries.. During the meeting, each federal agency, as well as BP had an opportunity to give an overview of their initiatives, plans, and procedures, as well as how they all work together.