NAACP puts spotlight on mortgage bias lawsuit

NAACP units across the country participated in a national "Day of Action' against discriminatory mortgage lending today by demanding that several of the nation's top lenders — including Citi, HSBC, WaMu, GMAC and JP Morgan — make amends for discriminating against African American borrowers and eliminate discriminatory polices and practices for good.

SEATTLE - Members of local and regional NAACP branches gathered Wednesday outside Washington Mutual's corporate offices as part of what the NAACP called "a national day of action" against mortgage discrimination...Read Full Story

SALT LAKE CITY - In an effort to combat unfair lending practices, the NAACP of Salt Lake City joined in a national "Day of Action" against mortgage discrimination Wednesday, the 44th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act...Read Full Story

BALTIMORE - NAACP officials accused top lenders of discriminatory mortgage practices in a series of protests yesterday in Baltimore and cities across the nation...Read Full Story

MANATEE - In a series of events across the country, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People launched an initiative against subprime and other lenders. The goal: To pressure lenders to make amends for past discriminatory practices and to abolish them altogether...Read Full Story

RENO - The Reno-Sparks NAACP chapter Wednesday took part in a national day of action to protest what it said is unfair lending practices...Read Full Story

JACKSON - The Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP joined other NAACP units across the nation Wednesday for a national "Day of Action" against discriminatory mortgage lending practices. Conference officials joined local leaders in condemning the practice at a press conference Wednesday in Jackson...Read Full Story