NY State NAACP, Partners, Urge Action on Racial Profiling

NY City Hall

Today, the New York State Conference of the NAACP, joined by 1199 SEIU, the National Action Network, SEIU 32BJ and the NYCLU sent a letter to the members of the New York City Council encouraging them to vote yes on several policing bills that are a part of the Community Safety Act – a set bills aimed at increasing law enforcement accountability that is currently before the City Council.  Of particular importance are two bills, one focusing on creating a more effective oversight body for the New York City Police Department (NYPD), and the other enacting a more meaningful law banning the practice of racial profiling by law enforcement.

Last Father’s Day, the leaders of these organizations, along with the National NAACP and over 300 other community organizations came together for a Silent March to End Stop and Frisk, marched from Harlem to Mayor Bloomberg’s house to let him know that New Yorkers would no longer stand for racial profiling and NYPD’s abusive stop-and-frisk program. This week, the New York City Council has the opportunity to pass these bills which will go a long way in curbing these civil rights abuses in the City.

The letter countered many false arguments and heated rhetoric from Mayor Bloomberg and other City officials stating that stop-and-frisk is responsible for keeping New Yorker’s safe, and that the bills would prevent law enforcement from doing their job – claims which are simply not true.  What is true is that hundreds and thousands of New Yorkers are subjected to profiling and stop-and-frisk practices – 90% of them people of color, and 90% never arrested or even issued a summons – amounting to the most overt, officially sanctioned form of racial profiling in the country.

For more information, you can read the text of the letter.