Our Summer Experience with the NAACP Economic Department

Wow, where does time go?!?! Fall is rapidly approaching, which means two things – school will be in session in a couple weeks and our summer experience with the NAACP Economic Department is coming to a close. But, before we leave, I, on behalf of all the interns, want to reflect on our internship experience, discuss some of the skills we gained, and the utility of these skills for school, the workplace and public service.

This summer, the NAACP Department hosted eight interns and one volunteer. Four interns, who were from the Cesar Chavez Public Charter High School in Capitol Hill, worked with the NAACP as part of a three week internship fellowship program. The fellowship program's objective was to allow high school students an opportunity to engage in public service and work with organizations dedicated to serving the community. While interning with the Economic Department, interns completed tasks that enhanced their leadership and professional skills. Additionally, they learned how the NAACP operates and serves the community. By the end of their internship, these interns participated in projects to economically empower communities of color, were exposed to career development opportunities in social justice and gained great practical experience.

The NAACP Economic Department also hosted 4 college interns and 1 volunteer. The interns included Jimmy Zhang, UC Berkeley; Danielle Carvain, Bennett College; Chianne Smith, Bennett College; myself Isabel Lorenzo from Howard University; and volunteer Devoure Jackson, Howard University. My coworkers and I supported staff on various projects and tasks. Never a dull moment, our projects varied from blogs on current events and workshops, to op-eds related to racial economic inequality, to research guides and toolkits to developing our Flickr and Youtube page.  Through these projects and tasks, we better understand the objectives of the department and enhanced important skill sets, like our writing skills, organizational skills and time management skills - skill sets that are all very important for college and beyond.

As our time here with the National NAACP Economic Department comes to a close, we can all say that this has been an amazing learning and growing opportunity both personally and professionally. We are more confident in ourselves, our capabilities and our ability to positively impact and transform our communities. Thank you to the Economic Department for allowing us to step out of our comfort zones and empowering us as young professionals and preparing us to be leaders of our generation.

If you are interested in interning with the NAACP Economic Department this upcoming school year, learn more here and/or email Intern Coordinator Melissa Gopie at mgopie@naacpnet.org.