Serial Killer Targeting Black Men is Not a Top Priority

By Robert Rooks & Dr. Niaz Kasravi

A serial killer has been on the loose for months and only recently has the story reached the attention of national media. Since mid-May, law enforcement officials in Flint, Michigan and surrounding areas have had their hands full hunting down a serial killer that's been roaming the streets and knifing innocent victims. The killer has been identified as in his late-20s to mid 30s, white male, has a goatee, and wears a cap during his attacks.

He has attacked fourteen men, murdered five and all but one of his victims has been African-American. Now, there are reports of an investigation linking the Flint killer to two stabbings in northern Virginia same SUV attributed to the killer in Flint has been spotted in VA.

Although local media and the Associated Press have been covering the search for the killer, only after months on the loose are we seeing this story hit national news. The national silence during the first months of the Flint killings are reminiscent of the lack of coverage in the Cleveland, OH killings, where Anthony Sowell killed at least 11 African-American women, some drug addicted and homeless. The story of missing black women in Cleveland did not reach national headlines until dead bodies were found in Sowell's home.