Stepping Out on Faith: My Blogging While Brown Experience

On June 18 and 19th, I had the privilege of attending the 3rd Annual Blogging While Brown Conference as an NAACP representative. Blogging While Brown was created in 2008 as a response to the low level of diversity in some of the largest and most popular blogging conferences. The purpose of Blogging While Brown is to give Bloggers of Color an opportunity to connect in person, discuss issues affecting Bloggers of Color, and learn about the latest technology that will assist them with their work.

I feel compelled to open this tale with the caveat that I was somewhat skittish about attending Blogging While Brown due to the skepticism by some in the Black blogger community toward the NAACP. Much of the criticism stemmed from the NAACP's perceived lack of tech savvy and an overall absence of blogger engagement. While I work at the NAACP and am aware of our history (or lack thereof) with the Black blogosphere, I also am aware of the strides we have made with the recognition of technology as both an asset in organizing and communication, and the significance of the Black blogosphere in helping us advance that mission.