Traci Braxton’s Unsung Hero: Melba Moore

I’d like to nominate Melba Moore as my selection for the NAACP UNSUNG HERO’S category.I personally identify with Melba’s success, tragedies and life experiences as well as her epic strength to still smile and be encouraging to others no matter what comes her way. Her musical/performing side chose her when she was a child coming from a musical family and her personal gifts made room for her to develop as well as provide opportunities from Harlem, New York to Hollywood, California. Melba’s career had it’s ups and downs but she always found time to pull from her strengths to be the icon she is today.

In 2011, the United Nations selected Ms. Moore to be the GOODWILL AMBASSADOR to construct a memorial honoring the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade concentrating on the business communities and celebrities to help bring awareness and funding. She said that she will personally, “lift her voice to champion the cause because the word injustice isn’t about color but a state of mind and inequality…” Had it not been for people like Melba Moore and others paving the way, my sisters and I may not have had the opportunity to be on the number one show on Thursday evenings for WE tv, the “BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES”. I love her dearly and hope that I can make successful strides in my career and the community as she has and is still doing!

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