Virginia Restores Voting Rights for Returning Citizens

Returning citizens. That’s what the NAACP calls people returning to their communities after being incarcerated. And after they return home, we work tirelessly to restore their dignity – starting with their right to vote.

Today, we’re celebrating a bold step in the right direction in Virginia. Governor Bob McDonnell signed an executive order to restore voting rights for non-violent felons.

Now it’s up to the Virginia State Legislature to make permanent – through an amendment to the state constitution – the restoration of voting rights for all citizens.

And you can help make this so by showing your support for voting rights restoration. Sign our petition today.

The NAACP applauds Governor McDonnell’s decision to eliminate the application process and allow for automatic registration for all citizens.

But more fights for the voting rights of returning citizens are on the horizon; in Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Delaware, and Iowa. That’s why we need your help advocating for voting rights restoration.

Join us by signing our petition supporting the restoration of voting right.

The NAACP has fought a long battle for the restoration of rights--and we will continue to fight alongside politicians, social justice advocates, and most importantly, with you, to continue to shine light on the need for restoring voting rights for ALL.