We Must Act Now

"It's time to break the silence." - Dr. King (photo by T. Jackson)

Interfaith Moral Action on Climate hosted a pray-in at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church today—calling all people of faith, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu to the Nation’s Capital for a pray-in.  Leaders, particularly faith leaders were asked to take action now on environmental and climate justice. The NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice department was part of a coalition of organizations that planned this event—a multi-faith service commemorating Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s 84th birthday with a pray-in for the climate.  The service was overseen by Jacqueline (Jacqui) Patterson, NAACP’s Director of Environmental and Climate Justice.

Jacqui commenced the pray-in by imploring the passion of the environmental and climate justice activists and leaders in attendance by saying:

We are confronted with the urgency of now. What are we going to do about these injustices that we are now and have been facing?

The faith groups gathered today on Martin Luther King’s birthday with an understanding that it is time for the silence to be dismantled through vital action.  No longer can activists sit back and watch powerful institutions including the government and corporations commit acts that are resulting in changes to our environment and take no steps towards action.

Faith leaders at the pray-in stressed how important it was to gather the religious institutions.  NAACP Board Member, Rabbi Saperstein eloquently stated:

There are more religious institutions than any other kinds of institutions in the world.  We must gather them and help them spread the word of the transformation of our environment. The task of all people of conscious is to make sure that God’s mandate is taken into action.

Imam Johari, a prominent leader in the American Islamic community, spoke boldly today in reference to how Dr. King influenced our resolve to be leaders in justice, saying:

It’s time to preserve our souls, our lineages and families, our intellect, our fruit from our labor and preserve our faith. There is hope. We must raise our voices, our visions and votes.  We must be silent no more.