Youth Economic Empowerment Day at Financial Freedom Center

Last week, Wells Fargo hosted an Economic Empowerment Day for Dunbar High School students at the NAACP Economic Department’s Financial Freedom Center in Washington DC. The day was filled with economic education workshops and trainings around wealth, banking, and financial literacy.

Dr. Mjiba Frehiwot, NAACP Director of Economic Education, facilitated a workshop on wealth inequality and asset building. “Students were really engaged!” states Dr. Frehiwot. “They expressed different and diverse understandings of wealth and economic mobility.”

Stephen Briggs, Vice President of Government and Community Relations at Wells Fargo, provided a web-based “Hands on Banking” tutorial for the students in order to illustrate technology and banking, and how they connect.

Students were excited to learn about how they can begin preparing for their economic security even in high school. 

Before departing, students were charged with continuing the conversation. "I think it’s really important to talk my peers about the importance of building our own economic security," states one student. "I think that brings us closer to strengthening the economy of our families, the Black community, and the United States as a whole."