Justice was Denied in Georgia

Let me remind you of the details of a case from 2005.

In self-defense, John McNeil, a successful African American businessman and father of two, shot and killed a Caucasian man. The deceased was a former builder who worked on John's property and had threatened John and his son with a weapon.

The police were called, but they didn't arrest John. It was clear that John acted in self-defense and that no crime had been committed. But 274 days later when Cobb County District Attorney Patrick Head was campaigning for re-election, John was charged with murder.

He was found guilty.

This is an outrage. NAACP President Benjamin Jealous along with state conference presidents from Georgia and North Carolina and partners from around the region, will be heading to Atlanta to personally deliver a message to the attorney general, asking that he support us in our pursuit for justice for John McNeil. Sign this petition in support of John McNeil today.

Georgia has strong Castle Doctrine laws giving individuals the right to protect themselves "without a duty to retreat" if they feel threatened on their own property. John was clearly within the law.

John's case is currently being reviewed in Georgia courts. We hope that the decision is a just one and in John's favor and that Attorney General Sam Olens does what is in his power to see that justice is served and John returns home to his family.