NAACP Participates in the International AIDS Conference

Yesterday at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, Reverend Keron Sadler, NAACP Health Programs Manager, participated on the Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI) panel that discussed HIV/AIDS in the Black Diaspora. Her focus was Black America and HIV/AIDS. Rev. Sadler has been working closely with health director, Shavon Arline-Bradley on The Black Church and HIV program—an effort to arm faith leaders with the training and education they need to inform their congregations about the disease and push back against its penetration in the African American community.

Rev. Sadler had this to say about the NAACP's health and social justice fight against HIV:

As a trusted voice in the community, the NAACP is addressing HIV in the Black community from a social justice perspective. The Association focuses on awareness, education and advocacy efforts targeted toward preventable diseases and health conditions that disparately affect the African American community and the systemic injustices. Through our advocacy efforts, we hope to augment the voice of our communities on policies that directly affect health equity and access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and care.

Towards that effort, the NAACP has mobilized faith leaders from more than 25 cities to create a new manual, The Black Church and HIV: The Social Justice Imperative—you can download the manual on The Black Church and HIV site.  

African Americans represent 13.1% of the nation’s population and an alarming 44% of all new HIV cases—if black America  were a country, we’d rank 16th in the world with HIV/AIDS cases.  Join the NAACP in our effort to combat the disease—download the manual today.