Pennsylvania Court Document Reveals the Real Fraud

Proponents of the restrictive voter identification law in Pennsylvania stated in a public hearing in March, that the law— which will suppress the voting rights of thousands of eligible voters— is designed to prevent voter fraud, although there was no evidence of voter fraud according to hearing transcripts.

Now, lawyers for the commonwealth stipulated that they are “not aware of any incidents of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania and do not have direct personal knowledge of in person voter fraud elsewhere” and that they will “not offer an evidence or argument that in person voter fraud is likely to occur in November 2012 in the absence of the Photo ID law.”

Read the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s stipulation here.

Surprised?  We aren’t.  During the hearing, not a single advocate for the law could put forward an example of voter fraud.  Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai gave the real reason for the law in June when he admitted to his partisan followers:

Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.                                                                                                                    

You can watch the video for yourself here.

The restrictive voter photo ID legislation, passed and signed into law on March 14, 2012, mandates that every voter present photo identification while also severely limiting photo identification options that can be used on Election Day--this disproportionately impacts communities of color; the poor and federal, state, and local municipalities, as well as students.  There is current litigation to combat the law in court.

New reports, also released by the state, estimate that over 758,000 citizens in Pennsylvania might lack the photo identification currently required to vote—186,000 are Philadelphia voters. For students eligible to vote in Pennsylvania, the implications could be dire. In the 14 school PASSHE system alone nearly 120,000 students will be ineligible to vote if their student identification lacks an expiration date.

In 2008 election, 620,478 votes determined the margin of victory in Pennsylvania. It is not a coincidence that the current photo identification law threatens an estimated 758,000 voters.  You do the math—that’s over 620,000 votes and an additional 130,000 votes, so where is the real fraud?

The NAACP and our partners are committed to stopping the voter suppression efforts in Pennsylvania and across the country.  Yesterday, the Pennsylvania State Conference of the NAACP, Labor partners, Pennsylvania National Action Network, and a host of community partners joined in a rally to fight against voter ID laws in the commonwealth ahead of tomorrow’s scheduled court hearing.  We will continue to educate the public and organize to oppose the real voter fraud in Pennsylvania—the attack on voting rights.  Join your local NAACP today and stand up for voting rights.