Victory: President Obama Signs Law to Reduce Sentencing Disparities

On Tuesday, August 3, President Obama signed into law a bill to reduce the vast disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentencing. For years, eliminating this disparity has been a priority for the NAACP, as the gap unfairly hurts communities of color.

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Until now, there was a sentencing disparity of 100:1 between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. But during negotiations it became clear that Congress was in agreement: This disparity has had a hugely unfair and racially discriminatory impact on minority Americans.

As a result, the bill lessening the disparity to 18:1 passed by unanimous consent.

The NAACP supports this bill as an important first step in completely eradicating these types of legislative injustices. However, we will continue to push for complete elimination of the disparities between crack cocaine and powder cocaine sentencing.

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Your work means more now than ever before. With your help, we will continue to win even more major victories.