Erie Pennsylvania Update

In Erie Pennsylvania, a video tape of an officer mocking a murder victim, mimicking the mother’s reaction to his death and apparently bragging of tasing a subdued suspect.   The Erie chief of police initially did not suspend the officer and apparently authorized attempts to intimidate the man who shot the video.

In the video, posted on YouTube, Patrolman James Cousins II of the Erie Police Department brags to his friends about his actions as a Police Officer.  In the video Cousins says, “We're looking at it like, “One less drug dealer to deal with,”" the Erie, PA, police officer says. "Cool."  The murder victim, described as a loving father, had no history of drug violations, according to news reports.

On April 21, the Erie Police Department announced their findings in their investigation of Patrolman James Cousins II, and have suspended him for 10 days without pay—a mere slap on the wrist.

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