NAACP Stop!  campaign

In today’s culture, nothing is more influential than the images and impressions we receive daily from the mainstream media. What people watch on television, listen to on the radio, see in a movie or on the Internet has a profound impact on how they view the world.

At the NAACP, we firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to insure that those images and impressions foster respect, and not hate or racism.

Incidents like Don Imus referring to Rutgers University Women’s Basketball players as “nappy headed hoes”, or actor Michael Richards going on a tirade using the n-word at a comedy club in LA, should never be tolerated.

NAACP Centennial Conventon - New York, NY

July 11-16, 2009: NAACP Centennial Conventon - New York, NY
">Now is the time to call for a STOP! in our community.

We must tell the artists and media executives who produce material that fosters a culture of disrespect that by promoting racist ideas and rants, they put their own financial future at risk.

And, at the same time, we must recognize the need for balance within the African American community in regards to what the community deems acceptable in music, film, and other media. Images reflected in songs and music videos that show half-dressed African American women being objectified or demeaned by men, or young African American men as thugs must STOP. These kinds of images promote hurtful and false stereotypes of young African Americans.

On college campuses around the country, like Clemson University, the University of Texas-Austin, and Johns Hopkins, racial incidents are a too-common occurrence, and the way that media portrays young African Americans only contributes to the problem.

That’s why we have developed the STOP Campaign, an initiative of the NAACP Youth & College Division.


  • STOP Defaming Our Women by respecting all African American Women and not describing them in profane and derogatory terms
  • STOP Degrading Our Community… by not supporting hurtful images that portray negative images of the African American community
  • STOP Denigrating Our History… by not supporting words and media that diminishes our proud history and insults our ancestors
  • STOP Accepting Disrespect by not patronizing companies and artists that put forth demeaning and disrespectful images in our community
  • START Standing Up… by standing up against anyone who diminishes the capacity of young people
  • START the Diversity… by supporting balance and diversity of content in the entertainment industry to create positive role models for young people and by demanding more African Americans and other people of color in decision making positions in the entertainment industry


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