National NAACP Commends Delaware NAACP for Efforts to Repeal the Death Penalty

Organization celebrates as Delaware Senate passes repeal bill

(WASHINGTON, DC) -  The National NAACP commends the Delaware State Conference of the NAACP for their efforts to repeal the death penalty.  The work of the Delaware NAACP and a broad coalition of advocacy organization and activists helped spur the passage of the repeal legislation in the state Senate on Tuesday. 

“This week Delaware took a giant step towards justice by voting to repeal the death penalty,” stated NAACP Criminal Justice Director Dr. Niaz Kasravi.  “We applaud President Smith and the Delaware State Conference for their work to put an end to an ineffective, broken and immoral policy that drains financial resources from our justice system -- resources that could be used to catch criminals that are still on our streets.

The repeal bill passed by a vote of 11-10 with bipartisan support.

“We are thrilled that the Senate has made criminal justice reform a priority by passing this repeal measure,” stated Richard Smith, President of the Delaware State NAACP.  “As the bill moves to the state House, we will continue to work with and encourage legislators to bring an end to this racially- biased practice that is both expensive and an ineffective deterrent.  I am confident our state will become the 19th to abolish the death penalty. 


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