Youth & College Division

Youth & College Division

The NAACP believes strongly that future leaders must be developed today, and such development is ongoing in the Youth & College Division, created in 1936. Today there are more than 25,000 young people, under the age of 25, representing 700 Youth Councils, High School Chapters and College Chapters actively involved in the fight for civil rights.

The NAACP has one of the largest organized groups of young people of any secular organization in the country.



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Eighty years ago during the NAACP's St. Louis Convention, a passionate and determined youth delegate, Juanita E. Jackson, challenged the leadership of the Association to create a department that focused on the growing concerns of Black youth in America. Through her intelligent leadership, the National Board of Directors passed a resolution creating the NAACP Youth & College Division and named Ms. Jackson its first Youth Secretary in March of 1936.

Today, it is evident that the NAACP is an organization that has developed many powerful, intelligent, young people who are destined to change the world. Our young people must embrace the urgency and dedication exhibited by those same young people in 1936. Please contact the NAACP's Youth & College Division and get involved today!

Stephen A. Green
National Director
NAACP Youth and College Division
410-580-5658 |@encouraging1

Convention Forms

2011 NAACP YC Convention Awards Packet

2011 YC Annual Convention Forms

Y75 Campaign

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Youth & College Division, The Youth & College and Membership Department will launch the first National Membership Campaign of the year. This campaign serves as a unique opportunity for NAACP units to honor and commemorate the Youth & College 75th Anniversary and its many accomplishments. The campaign seeks to grow membership in the Association with an emphasis in membership increase within the Youth & College. Read more >

Young, Black, & Secure

Due to the ongoing national debate about changes to Social Security and the possible effect of these changes on the community, the NAACP strongly believes in engaging dialog with African American students across the country to educate them on the issue. We recognize that Social Security is a program that affects not only the future, but present life as well. Read more >


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